About us

We Have a Passion for Radar

KYMATI GmbH has its headquarters in Munich (Grasbrunn), Germany. We are a team with many years of experience in Radar applications and high frequency signal analysis.

Highly skilled hardware and software developers collaborate to integrate various different technical components, to ensure the best possible solution for each selected application.

Our consulting specialists support customers and interested parties to find applicable and cost efficient solutions. We conduct the application process and provide lasting partnership to our customers worldwide.

Components in the field are taken care of by our Level II service operation. We train our customers to enable their Level I service ability, to ensure quick and efficient action when required locally.

Key staff of Kymati are shareholders of the company to ensure the sustainability of knowhow and relations to our clients and partners.

As an affiliate of the TUS International group (http://www.tus-i.com/en/index.php, listed on the Hongkong stock exchange) we support and guide the introduction of Radar components for automotive OEM and for automotive traffic monitoring in China.


Focus On ICV

TUS International comprises of well established companies serving the majority of Chinese OEM customers with sensors (e.g. cameras) and communication modules.

Together with other renowned partners, TUS International enables the fast maturing of the Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV) in China.

The group´s Cloud Control business collects and analyzes traffic and on-board vehicle data. The information processed is then provided to all participants via a fast data link, to make modern traffic more safe and more efficient.