Traffic Monitoring

Radar, in combination with cameras, provides for an optimized sensor result when it comes to traffic monitoring and surveillance tasks. Check our our traffic Radar PR-2T for details

Advanced Driver Asistance Systems (ADAS)

Radar for ADAS applications is currently under development at Kymati.
77 to 81 GHz Radar will be avialable for
  • long range measurements in automatic emergency breaking (AEB) systems
  • short-range sidewise blind spot detection (BSD) of parallel traffic and approaching objects from behind on neighboring lanes

Container Terminals

Various positioning and automation tasks can be performed with our SR-1X product line:
  • Positioning of container handling equipment  (CHE) like straddle carriers, reach stackers, empty handlers and quay cranes for container tracking purposes
  • Trolley position measurement of quay cranes
  • Stop position signalling under quay crane for fastest load transfer
  • Collision avoidance between spreader and vehicles under crane
  • High precision position measurement for driverless operation of CHE

Industrial Automation

Moving objects tracking and avoidance of collisions are very typical applications, combined with automation of cranes and transport equipment that requires a reliable position information. SR-1X and PR-2 provide maintenance-free solutions under challenging dust, dirt and weather conditions in industries like metals, bulk material handling or construction.