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Radar Is Our Passion

Kymati is a highly experienced supplier of Radar sensors for distance and position measurement, as well as for detection and qualification of Radar targets.

Whether it is 1D, 2D or 3D – we provide solutions for each dimension to acquire reliable process data, make new technical solutions available to our clients and help to save or avoid costs.

We stand for „Made in Bavaria“!

We design and develop all our products ourselves - our team brings over hundred years of Radar and high frequency signal processing experience to the table.

We value and support our global partner network, and they provide that support to their local customers across six continents.

Our application experts are available at your service to help find solutions - we stay with you from the first implementation to a longterm OEM integration.


Portrait Dirk Brunnengräber

Dirk Brunnengräber

Dirk founded Kymati with the vision of establishing a radar powerhouse that designs, produces and markets high resolution radar for surveillance, traffic monitoring, industrial automation and VTOL landing guidance. The latest technical achievements enable cost effective new radar sensor generations that can precisely detect, measure and communicate simultaneously
Dirk holds an engineering degree from Munich University. Various vocational trainings in Coaching and Finance add to his profile.
Dirk has been coaching teams of radar specialists in design, specification and worldwide application of high frequency radar products for different frequency bands for more than 15 years and has achieved a successful exit sale with Symeo GmbH, as CEO and co-founder of that company. With more than 25 years in Management Board and CEO positions of industrial enterprises (stock listed and privately owned) with up to 3.500 employees, he has gained valuable experience in running companies and serving customers in many industries worldwide.
Portrait Martin Glänzer

Martin Glänzer


Martin is a senior electronics engineer in the field of high frequencies. After spending 20+ years in key technology leader roles in Wireless Sensors and RF Systems area, he co-founded Kymati and joined the team as CTO.
He holds an Applied Science degree in electrical engineering and computer science with many years of experience in mm-wave radar products for automotive and rail applications. He conducted researches on Wireless Sensors and RF Technology when working with Siemens AG. He is also a co-author of several radar patents. 

He was with Siemens AG, Corporate Technology R&D, for over 14 years as project manager, key expert engineer and technical leader, where he started his professional career. With deep experience in high frequency radar hardware and software development, such as design of modern user interfaces and deep understanding of radar signal processing, he adds a valuable know-how proposition to Kymati. Combined with his creative and innovative engineering approach, customers benefit from his hands-on experience in the field.
Portrait Volker Weinmann

Volker Weinmann

Head of Sales & Marketing
Volker is a customer oriented, highly experienced, international sales professional. For more than 10 years he has successfully supported clients with radar and vision solutions in a variety of industrial applications. Convinced, that highly integrated Radar with unprecedented resolution is progressing to new heights, he heads Kymati´s sales activities worldwide.
Volker holds a Masters degree in Engineering and Management from University of Applied Sciences, Konstanz, and has previously accomplished an apprenticeship as a Communication Electronics Technician.

After his University degree, he joined Symeo GmbH to serve customers in various industries like metals and container terminals, to build solutions based on Radar sensors. Following a five year term as European Sales Manager and Key Account Manager in vision sensor technology for automotive and electronics, he has returned to his roots with industrial Radar. Based on his strategic and solution-oriented approach, he uses his longterm Radar experience to the benefit of Kymati´s customers.
Portrait Michael Voith von Voithenberg

Michael Voith von Voithenberg

Michael is a senior manager with a strong electronics engineering background. After spending 20+ years in different engineering and management roles in various electronic industries he co-founded Kymati and joined the team as COO


He holds an applied science degree in electrical engineering, has a lot of experience with international RF product certification and a deep understanding of radar and GNSS/pseudolite technologies. He also has a strong expertise in wireless communication and image processing systems. Michael has successfully directed various technical projects and operational teams. Moreover, he personally developed and co-authored 7 patents. 
He started his professional life as Systems Engineer at Daimler Benz AeroSpace where he worked on image processing systems. Then he worked as technical / project manager for 6 years at Siemens in wireless communication. After that he moved to EADS/Airbus where he acquired and lead several large public funded projects. In his role as Head of Future Programs he was responsible for the definition and roll out of several new commercial Airbus Space Products. Michael is the inventor of the DeckFinder, a radar-based landing system for UAVs and Helicopters, initially developed by Airbus. He brings to Kymati not only more than 20 years of experience in radar business, but also the know-how and energy to streamline Kymati's operations to serve our customers fast and effectively.
Portrait Stefan Weckler

Stefan Weckler

Head of Application Consulting & Technical Support
Stefan is an engineer with many years of Radar field experience in various industries. With customer satisfaction as his top priority, he is responsible for Kymati´s Technical Support.

He has gained a diploma from the University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern (Communications engineering and Electronics) and a Bachelor from University of East London (UK) in Electrical and Electronic engineering.

After graduating he started as hard-and software developer in building automation. Then he joined Symeo GmbH Radar experts and has built/headed the Service and Support department there. Worldwide, clients and partners highly value his expertise and hand-on mentality. His deep understanding of industrial communication between all kinds of controllers and his open mind and always friendly attitude make him an important pillar of Kymati´s team.

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