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Safety for Pilots - Automatic Landing of Drones

3D Relative Position to Landing Pad

KY-LOC 3D.01.01 is a local position measurement system to continuously determine the 3D position, distance and angle of manned helicopters and drones, relative to the landing pad. Based on Radar signals, it is highly precise and maintenance-free under all weather conditions. The independent solution provides the foundation for safe take-off and landing in GNSS denied environments, where other reference points are not present or not visible.

KY-LOC 3D.01.01 enables take-off and landing operations on small and/or moving helipads, even on ships or vehicles. Autonomous drone operations are now possible, with minimized risk of damages.

The system accuracy is within a few cm, outstanding in 3D positioning and with a range of up to 300m. The integrated data link allows transfer of given pad movement to the aircraft, supporting maximised operational accuracy and integrity. The high update rate allows fast and dynamic (auto-)pilot control and is fully independent from GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU).

Assisted autonomous or piloted landing on coast guard vessel (Click to enlarge)
Landing on moving helipad - measurement of relative position and speed difference as well as roll, nick, yaw and lift of landing pad (Click to enlarge)
Assisted pilot landing on drilling rig (Click to enlarge)
Kymati navigation tool for landing (Click to enlarge)

Simplified System Integration

Kymati provides a tool for VTOL UAV operators to visualize aircraft to helipad approach, easy to integrate in ground control stations or as standalone application. For manned operation, the visualization can be sent to a helmet-mounted display (HMD) or integrated into an existing multifunction flight display (MFD) on the aircraft.

Data is provided in a standard NMEA format accepted by most known autopilot systems, to allow a precisely guided landing under given challenging conditions. The applications range from fully autonomous take-off and landing of UAVs on static or moving helipads, to pilot-assisted landing on drilling rigs and other visually impaired environments.

Safe operation of drones is supported for cases like power line monitoring, search& rescue operations, fire fighting, freight delivery, to vessels on water and to vehicles on land, while moving.

KY-LOC 3D.01.01 system delivery comes with technical support for commissioning and operation..

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