Measurement of Distance and Position

SR-1X is a product family for the measurement of dynmaic distances and positions in a plane or space. Typical applications:
  • Collision avoidance between cranes or other moving machines
  • Machine movement automation
  • Position detection of manually or autonomously operated vehicles on land, water or airborne

Traffic Radar for Detection of Vehicle Types, Speed, Heading, Position and Traffic Density

PR-2T is a Radar sensor with multiple send and receive channels for the exact detection and qualification of traffic participants (car, truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian) With a range of more than 200m on cars, up to six lanes can be monitored simultaneously. Detection is fully independent of weather and lighting conditions and is maintenance-free.
Use cases:
  • Traffic counting
  • Traffic density monitoring for dynamic adaption of green light phases
  • Toll systems
  • Monitoring of special purpose lanes (e.g. highway banquet, lanes for autonomous travel)

High Resolution Imaging Radar for Presence and Object Detection

PR-2 is a Radar sensor for machine based decisions on absence or presence of certain objects or situations.
Application examples:
  • Detection of persons in the safety zone of a machine
  • Detection of absence of a required machine operator
  • Distance measurement on passive objects e.g. rail cars, stock piles, closed gates