Person and Object Detection in Monitoring Zones

Person Detection in Production Areas

Some industrial applications require to monitor the absence or presence of persons in predefined zones. A remote controlled machine operation typically requires the presence of an operator close by, within visual range of of operation.

A robot operation requires an immediate stop in case a person comes too close. The redundant detection of person(s) approaching can satisfy the safety integrity level (SIL) and provide the required MTTFd  (mean time to dangerous failure) to avoid costly fencing and use Radar detection instead.

KY-LOC 3D.04.01 can perform these tasks and provide monitoring zone setting, self testing and zone alert signals in case of absence or presence detection.

Safety monitoring of machine operation
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Movement protection to avoid collisions with aircraft
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Person counting in camera denied areas
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Absence or Presence of Objects

In case of manually or automatically operated moving (large) equipment, a (foward) protection is required to avoid collisions with objects along the drive path.

The example of an airport apron makes this very visible - fuel vehicles, bagage conveyors, passenger stairs and gangways must not colide with any part of the aircraft, as otherwise meticulous collison damage anaylsis has to be performed. KY-LOC 3D.04.01 can be applied to monitor front, side and reverse driving operation and detect any objects in the wide field of view early, creating a warning only if things get tight.
The Radar sensor is maintenace free and works under all light and weather conditions.

KY-LOC 3D.04.01 can also be applied to monitor areas where cameras are denied for obvious reasons, to cater for personal privacy. Public washrooms are a good example. Large public places like train stations or airports operate a plurality of washrooms and monitoring the frequency of use and users allows to perform cleaning not on a scheduled basis, but on a cost-effective as-needed base.

Monitored Safety Perimeter

The typical sensors for safety perimeter areas are cameras. The solutions are well known, but have the same shortcomings in common: in darkness and bad weather conditions, unauthorized access cannot be detected properly. Infrared illumination at night has only short range. False alarms are frequent.

This is where the new high-resolution Radar sensor KY-LOC 3D.04.01 comes in handy.
The sensor detects persons and can distinguish humans from animals or leaves blown up in the air. False alarms are avoided and the sensor works with the same reliability in total darkness, independent from dark closing of potential trespassers.

KY-LOC 3D.04.01 connects via Ethernet/PoE with the building or site control, either local or in the cloud.
The sensor is maintenance-free.
Perimeter monitoring at airports
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Safety zone protection at power plants
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Monitoring green borders
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Fenced and Unfenced Border Control

Unauthorized border crossing typically happens in the dark. Cameras have their limitations, even with short-ranged infrared illumination.

The border control Radar KY-RAY 3D.04.01 is a powerful tool for this application. Persons are clearly distinguished from animals or leaves flowing in the air, false alarms are avoided, with higest positive detection rates.
The sensors can be positioned behind concealing intransparent covers, to prevent sabotage or vandalism.

KY-RAY 3D.04.01 Radar sensors work in complete darkness, indoor or outdoor, maintenance-free.

Private Home Surveillance

Petty thieves may be detected by cameras, if the cameras are installed in a protected height to avoid rather simple sabotage with paint or physical lens covering.
The KY-RAY 3D.04.01 home safety Radar monitors homes unnoticed, concealed behind intransparent covers, that can easily be penetrated by the Radar signal.

It detects and distinguishes persons from animals and leaves in the air to avoid false alarms. With a few sensors, an large home can be fully protected from all sides.
360° Surveillance of private homes
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